I was born in the year 1983 in a middle class Indian family. I grew up with a normal appetite for life as a child in an environment that was nurturing, caring and giving. Despite all the comforts, fun and love in my early years, the inner spiritual child in me was constantly looking outward to find her home in this crowded world. Every day I wandered within me looking for answers to questions about purpose of life and meaning of existence. My visions and dreams since early age gave me glimpses of my multi-dimensional existence that I could not decipher then and there was internal struggle to find their meanings and value in this world. I was always trying to balance the internal and external.

When "Deva", my spiritual guide contacted me in this world many parts of my life’s puzzle that were lying with me for years found a board where I could assemble them and perceive how they fit into a greater design. In him I found my spiritual guide and a mirror to reflect my self. Many years passed and the astral seeds embedded in my soul began to shake the ground of my existence. They were sprouting and were full of life, throbbing to grow. He watered their roots and ruthlessly cut the unruly branches that were growing out of me; I realized that “spiritual path" no matter which one is always in the direction of self refinement and inner growth.

The spiritual tree that started growing in me was shooting towards the limitless and this lifetime here appeared as just a part of its infinite growth. I was transforming and with that the way I perceived the world changed. Everything around me was now a manifestation of the great cosmic forces. My connection with these forces of life became stronger and clear to me with passing time. Pure love for this creation and creator became my vital breath to live this life. The inner struggle that I felt as a child vanished. The spiritual awakening in me led me to experience life collectively. The internal and external became mere different representations of the same divine, like the air inside a pot and outside it is the same.

My life became secluded and unnoticed until one day when Deva asked me to carry the mantle of my spiritual experiences to people across the world and help them in their journeys. While the tree in me grows, it can offer its shade and fruits to other fellow travellers. So he entrusted a spiritual mission upon me to help as many travel in their spiritual journeys.

Deva by now had placed the foundation stone and keystone in the process of my total transformation but he also chose to remain totally anonymous to this world. He cast me as the spear head of this spiritual mission that intends to kindle inner light in as many as possible and be a new spiritual wave in this world that carries and connects us as a giant spiritual family in apparent or seamless ways.

A brief of my experiences is shared as a set of transcripts called "the dialogue", these are conversations between me and my spiritual guide. A few other sacred texts Authored by him are also present here. These texts are only for the purpose of understanding and not for practice in terms of any of the rituals mentioned there.


Texts authored by Deva ( My spiritual guide) which he wishes to share with all. All documents made available here contain sacred verses which are to be solely read for their spiritual richness, depth and for the purpose of gaining awareness and understanding. They are not meant for practice, except under the guidance of a master.

Time binds all levels of existence, the amalgamation is the gestalt. Like collecting a pot of water from a flowing river and then offering it back to the river itself in gratitude, it was time for me to fall back into the stream of light and carry the particles of light with me and pass it on to the many other drops that come in contact with me. The fire of inner light is kindled through me in many and through them in many others. Thus there is a flow of an enlightened stream.

Contact me: pavithrasuryakiran@gmail.com

The two important stages of life are childhood and old age. The dance of the cosmos is strongly felt as birth and death in these two stages. In an effort to carry this light to beings in these stages and to channelize collective good to children and elderly people in need a charitable trust called "Vedic Foundation" was established in the year 2010. Vedic Foundation is a non-profit organization working with rural children and wishes to work with elderly people in the coming time.

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